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The Company has R&D centers in Changzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. Our R&D team consists of domestic industry experts, senior professors and graduates from Chinese and overseas institutions of higher learning specializing in polymer materials and other related disciplines. Our professional team of talents, our ingenious combination of theory and practice, our experience and vitality and our broad range of testing and analysis methods, combined with the resources and technical support available to us from world-class functional additives manufacturers, enable us to proactively develop and evaluate product applications and provide customers with practical and functional masterbatches/functional materials as well as a full range of customized solutions.

R&D Platform

  • Design and Development of Functional Masterbatches

    Our R&D centers continue to develop and deliver original functional masterbatch/functional material formulations and processes for the manufacturing center to cater to various market needs. Since their establishment, the R&D centers have kept a laser focus on customer needs and pain points, constantly optimizing formulations and processes, and have become an important engine for the Company’s sustainable growth.

    Our R&D centers work in a flexible and diversified manner with upstream and downstream companies and counterparts with technicaladvantages and a wealth of resources. As one of our most important cooperation modes, ODM maximizes the Company’s product range and competitive advantage.

  • Plastic additives application appraisal

    One-Up started out as an import trader for a niche market and has established long-term partnerships with several top international additive brands. ​Our R&D centers bridge the gap in application support for imported additives by providing a powerful support and engagement platform for the application development of additive manufacturers in China, as well as technical support for customers. The centers now work with several manufacturers to provide customers with application appraisals for a variety of additives, including flame retardants, antibacterial agents, antioxidants, compatibilizers and dispersants.

  • Science and technology project cooperation and patents

    Together with partners, our R&D centers have developed projects in the following fields:

    Clean production, energy conservation and environmental protection, resource conservation, circular economy, and so on.

    Dozens of invention patents.

    Interested parties are welcome to reach out to us and work with us for the sustainable development of the industry.

Introduction to the R&D Platform

  • Various development and production facilities

    Internal mixer, single screw, double screw (parallel, taper), tri-screw (inverted triangle)

    Die face hot cutting (air-cooled, water ring, underwater), strip cutting (tank, crawler), extrusion (without carrier)

  • Various raw material forms

    Ultra-low bulk density powder (professional surface pre-treatment available), aerogel

    Flakes, needles, whiskers

    Colloids, liquids

  • Various carriers

    High-temperature carriers - PA, PBT, PC, ABS, PP and other engineering plastics

    Low-temperature carriers - PE, PVC, TPE, EPDM and ethylene copolymers

  • Unique appearance

    The unique flaky functional masterbatch addresses the problem of sinking for high specific gravity products. The particulate (powder) antimony masterbatch is suitable for PVC.

  • Composite multi-functional masterbatches

    With ample experience in plastics compounding, we are able to explore and customize combined modular functional masterbatches with our customers to develop cost-effective products for downstream processing applications.

  • Coordination of additive resources

    We are an agent for several international high-end additive brands, offering newer and better options for the development of functional masterbatches.

  • A complete range of functional masterbatches

    Flame retardancy, reinforcing, filling, flexibilizing, nucleating, chain extending, lubricating, anti-static, anti-aging, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, laser engraving, silicone, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, anti-pest, foaming, smoothing, PIM, bio-based, and degradable masterbatches.

  • Various concentrations

    High concentration - for secondary mixing processes with double screw

    Medium concentration - for single-screw extrusion processes with weak mixing, including direct injection molding

    Low concentration - for processes with high dispersion requirements, such as spinning, membrane blowing, and so on

  • Application appraisal

    Modified plastic

    - A plastic modification processing pilot line with Φ35mm high-torque co-rotating double screw; K-Tron loss-in-weight feeder and side feeder can perform preliminary formulation verification for functional masterbatch applications.

    - The centers are equipped with special injection molding machines and high-quality molds adhering to the international standard for precision sample preparation, which can be used to prepare various international-standard sample strips, such as ISO and ASTM.

    - The centers are also equipped with a variety of advanced testing equipment and instruments, which can be used to conduct comprehensive performance testing and analyze physical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, combustion performance and chemical properties.

    Direct injection molding

    - Demonstration line with accurate 6-bucket weight gain scales, which meets the requirements of traditional production processes where multiple resins + functional masterbatches replace high mixers and/or multiple weighing scales.

    -With a screw designed by a BUCT professor, the direct injection molding solution is the optimal choice for products of the same series with different specifications (varied thickness, sizes and colors).

    OBP(marine recycled materials) + bio-based fillers (coffee powder, tea powder) masterbatches = green demonstration line for bio-based products.

    Membrane blowing

    - Pilot/production line for fully biodegradable plastics. Small pilot membrane blowing machine (PE, PA dispersion evaluation)

    - Cast film pilot line (PC, PET, PP)


We have established a joint R&D center with Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), which combines the university’s resources, our comprehensive first-hand market information and our wide range of high-end imported additives to jointly develop high value-added functional masterbatch products that meet market demand.

We work in close cooperation and maintain frequent R&D exchanges with foreign companies such as Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. In the spirit of fairness and mutual benefit, we worked with them to jointly developed special functional masterbatches (such as antibacterial masterbatches, antibacterial and anti-mold masterbatches, bio-based antibacterial masterbatches, and so on), which are produced in our manufacturing center, then jointly marketed and sold.

We pay close attention and are committed to the exchange and integration of information in the domestic and international plastics industry, and participated in the planning and establishment of the Working Group on Functional Masterbatches (for plastics) of Subcommittee 10 on Modified Plastics of National Technical Committee 15 on Plastics of the Standardization Administration of China (TC15/SC10), making every effort to promote the standardization of functional masterbatches in the plastics industry.

As a member of the industry’s leading organizations, such as CPPIA Special Committee on Flame Retardant Materials and Applications, the Chinese Industry Association for Antimicrobial Materials & Products (CIAA), China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA) and China National Coatings Industry Association (NCIA), we spearhead the research and development efforts of the Company and related industries while maintaining frequent, high-level information exchanges with industries in China and overseas, keeping an eye on the latest industry technological trends, keeping up with new developments and striving to develop high-performance products.

With a global vision and a focus on technological innovation, the Company continues to expand its technical and expert resources and enhance its R&D capabilities to remain at the forefront of technology in the industry and related sectors.

  • Established a joint R&D center in collaboration with BUCT

  • Close cooperation with foreign companies such as Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

  • Led the establishment of the Working Group on Functional Masterbatches of Subcommittee 10 on Modified Plastics of National Technical Committee 15 on Plastics of the Standardization Administration of China (TC15/SC10)


One-Up currently holds more than 30 innovation and invention patents and over 20 utility model patents.
  • 30+

    Invention patents

  • 20+

    Utility model patents

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