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Functional masterbatches for PBT and PET

Classification Product Name Grade Recommended use
Bromine Series BEO brominated epoxy 
composite masterbatch
CFM-13GW For applications requiring elevated glow-wire temperatures. 
Composition: PBT/GF/MB=40/30/30
CFM-23/C Optimal balance of high thermal resistance and cost-effectiveness. 
Composition: PBT/GF/MB=55/30/15
Halogen-Free Series MCA particle CFN-80 80% MCA with an ethylene copolymer carrier. Addresses material feeding issues.
Organic hypophosphite 
composite masterbatch
CFP-80B Special carrier, hypophosphite composite masterbatch, special dispersant; 
high liquidity, easy to process.
Antimony Series ATO antimony trioxide 
composite masterbatch
FA-03(F) 90% concentration; designed as a 1:1 powder substitute. User validation required.
CFA-55B(F)  Economical with 90% effective concentration. 
Delivers performance while reducing costs.
Sodium antimonate 
FNA-80 80% concentration. Specifically designed carrier and dispersant for PET/PC, 
ensuring consistent performance.
High temperature and anti-yellowing antioxidant MAO-1012B Ideal for injection molding. Contains special lubricant; 
optimal performance at 4% addition.
Copolymer flexibilizer MTG-12B Designed to effectively inhibit transesterification.
MTG-08B Perfect for creating super-tough polyesters and polyester alloys. 
Best performance at 6% addition.
MTG-05B Designed for general toughening. 1% addition recommended.
MTG-02 Composite GMA/EXA. Offers balanced toughness and improved flow. 
Recommended addition between 3%-5%.
copolymer compatibilizer
ETB-21 Designed to enhance product softness. Recommended addition between 3%-5%.


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